I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958)

Article #1192 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-19-2004
Posting Date: 11-16-2004
Directed by Gene Fowler Jr.
Featuring Tom Tryon, Gloria Talbott, Peter Baldwin

A woman slowly begins to suspect that the man she married is actually an alien from outer space.

Don’t let the schlocky title throw you off; there’s a lot more to this one than campiness. It’s one of those rare science fiction movies that relies on character. In fact, not only are the human characters given dimension, so are the aliens; unlike so many movies of its type, the aliens are not all of one mind. The movie is helped by fine acting, particularly from Gloria Talbott as the wife who is trying to cope with the situation, but from Tom Tryon and all the other actors as well. I hardly recognized him, but that’s Maxie Rosenbloom as the bartender, and he does a fine job as well. It’s not a perfect movie, as there are a few minor errors here and there; for example, if the aliens can see in the dark, why does the alien possessing Bill turn on the lights when he goes downstairs to deal with the dog? Nonetheless, it’s a unique and subtle movie, and one that even leaves you feeling a little sad about the fate of the aliens. Highly recommended.


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