Ultraman Tiga Side Story: Revival of the Ancient Giant (2001)

Ultraman Tiga Side Story: Revival of the Ancient Giant (2001)

Article 6801 by Dave Sindelar

Date: 3-17-2023

Director unknown
Featuring Hiroshi Nagano, Shogo Yamaguchi, Makoto Kamijo
Country : Japan
What it is: Direct to video Ultraman thrills

The son of the original Ultraman Tiga goes through a time warp and ends up in the past, where he helps in the eternal fight between light and darkness.

One sure way to make me think something is going to be chintzy is if it’s direct to video. “Ultraman Tiga” was one of the better entries of the Ultraman franchise, with some very interesting episodes, while this side story feels pretty ordinary. In length it matches to two regular episodes to the series. Still, if you’re an Ultraman fan, this would still pass muster.