The Outer Space Connection (1975)

Article #1191 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-18-2004
Posting Date: 11-15-2004
Directed by Fred Warshofsky
Narrated by Rod Serling

This documentary explores evidence that aliens landed on this planet many years ago.

It looks as if some of my genre movie books include documentaries of this sort, hence its coverage here. When it comes to theories like this, I tend to be on the skeptical side, but I’m quite willing to let those who propose the theories have their say. Usually, though, my conclusion is simply that there are many mysteries of the universe and of history that remain unsolved at this time. Yes, there are plenty of things in this world to provide grist for speculation, but speculation isn’t incontrovertible proof. Ultimately, I remain unconvinced, despite the fact that it is narrated by Rod Serling, has lots of outer space sounds in the soundtrack, and continually refers to one of its mystery sites as “Earth Base One”. It covers a lot of ground, though; UFO sightings, the Bermuda triangle, Kirlian photography, cloning, and communication with chimpanzees all come into play in this one. For the most part, I found this documentary to be on the dullish side, though the sequences on Kirlian photography, ancient brain operations and the sequence on chimpanzee communication all held my attention (more for themselves than for their relation to the main subject). Incidentally, the aliens are supposed to return in 2011. It’s nice to have a deadline.


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