Incubus (1965)

INCUBUS (1965)
Article #1193 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-20-2004
Posting Date: 11-17-2004
Directed by Leslie Stevens
Featuring William Shatner, Milos Milos, Allyson Ames

A succubus tires of luring tainted souls to their deaths, and seeks a real prize for the prince of darkness; a good man. When her target (a man named Marc) proves the stronger of the two, she considers herself “defiled” by his love, and resurrects an incubus to exact revenge.

The idea of shooting a movie in the artificial language of Esperanto seems rather gimmicky at first. However, there’s something quite otherworldly about this allegorical fantasy that makes the decision seem appropriate; it makes the events feel as if they take place in a distant country, and it would feel that way everywhere (unless you happen to get a crowd together that actually speaks Esperanto). I found it quite engaging, poetic and eerie; it feels somewhat like a Bergman movie, though it was shot in the USA. The movie does tend to split people into two camps; those that like it and those that hate it; me, I found it unique and satisfying. Director Leslie Stevens had been the executive producer for “The Outer Limits” before he made this movie, and William Shatner would shortly go on to “Star Trek”.

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