Voodoo Woman (1957)

Article #669 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-13-2003
Posting Date: 6-12-2003

A mad scientist tampers with voodoo in order to create an invincible monster.

It’s serious lapse-of-taste time on my part, folks; I actually like this silly voodoo movie, despite the ridiculous story and the fact that it’s sitting on IMDB with a 2.7 rating (at this point). It may be nothing more than the fact that there were enough fun characters and energy to keep my attention throughout; maybe it was because the print I was watching was very good in comparison with the murky print of the serial episode I watched with it. Whatever the case, I found it plain dumb fun, and far less boring than some of the other voodoo flicks I’ve seen. Maybe I should also credit Edward L. Cahn, a director who on occasion reminds me sometimes of the philosopher’s stone (the legendary element that was able to transform lead into gold). And though I would hardly say that this story was transformed into gold, I will go so far as to say it was transformed into more interesting lead.



  1. It’s amazing how this plot was definitely borrowed for Larry Buchanan’s CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE: mad scientist holding wife captive, greedy seductress leading expedition for wealth but ending up the doctor’s final creation, just substitute John Agar for Mike Connors. VOODOO WOMAN’s cofeature was Roger Corman’s THE UNDEAD, its Ronald Stein music cues becoming the hallmark of Buchanan’s Azalea output.

  2. I like it too Voodoo Woman, I’m tempted to name several films which had been rated higher stars yet I didn’t get through any more than a quarter of the length of any of them. Least three horror ones.
    Back to Voodoo Woman then out of five stars maximum I’d give it two stars meaning fair to say the least. As it happens had no problem watching through it and very late at night may I say.

    Enough in film to keep my attention, you have to remember Voodoo Woman is a B film and I personally like many B films horror, sci-fi etc as it happens.
    Marla English eye-candy.
    Re the creature in Voodoo Woman think was good idea to just show only bits of it here and bits there. By using darkness, shadow and generally slightly camouflaged by foliage and such helped film along. You’d see extremities suchlike of creature.
    Now—now then good part for Marla relatively!

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