The Vampire’s Coffin (1957)

Article #668 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-12-2003
Posting Date: 6-11-2003

A doctor and his suspicious assistant steal the coffin and body of a vampire in order to run tests, and end up resurrecting the vampire.

Ahh, some good old-fashioned Mexican monster scares! This is a sequel to THE VAMPIRE (a Mexican movie not to be confused with an American movie of the same title made the same year), and like that movie, it features two of my favorite Mexican horror actors; Abel Salazar (who played Baron Vitalia in THE BRAINIAC) and German Robles (who played the title role in the Nostradamus movies). At least, they’re my favorites inasmuch as I can say, since I’ve only heard their work via dubbed movies; nonetheless, they are comfortable horror presences and seem to be decent actors. Salazar’s character seems to have a comic streak here; granted, the dubbed dialogue is amusing anyway, but there’s something in his body language and reactions that tells me the character was comic on purpose. It’s all pretty silly, and I find it a little irresistible. It also includes a scene where a person running from the vampire chooses to hide in the absolutely worst place imaginable; I would say more, but that would ruin the fun.

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