War of the Colossal Beast (1958)

Article #670 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-14-2003
Posting Date: 6-13-2003

The sister of the Amazing Colossal Man believes him to still be alive in Mexico.

About halfway through this movie they run a six-minute montage of the most memorable scenes from THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, the movie to which this is a sequel, and despite that movie’s flaws, there’s no doubt it has some quite memorable scenes. Unfortunately, it also made me realize how unnecessary this sequel is; it spends about half of its time turning him into a standard giant-monster threat (though the rampage is even less substantial than the one in the original) and the other half trying to work up sympathy for his plight. Unfortunately, the actor playing him is stripped of both voice (he utters one word at the end of the film) and facial expression (the hideous makeup is shocking, but leaves him little to work with as an actor), and this gives us little chance to really care about him as a character other than our memories of the first film. None of the other characters in the first movie appear in this one, with his fiancee having been replaced by a sister, though I do notice some of the actors in the original are back in this one; unfortunately, almost all of the new characters are uninteresting and bland, with the possible exception of the Mexican police official who vanishes from the story at about a third of the way through in a sequence that fades out too soon. This would be the second one-eyed giant that Bert I. Gordon would give us, the first being in THE CYCLOPS, which, in all honesty, is not as good as this one.

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