The Lost Dream (1949)

The Lost Dream (1949)
Article 5916 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-1-2021
Directed by Bill Tytla and George Germanetti
Featuring the voices of Jackson Beck, Mae Questel, Amanda Randolph
Country: USA
What it is: Little Audrey cartoon

When one of her dreams misses the boat back to Dreamland, Little Audrey decides to escort the dream back to its home. Her reward is a tour of Dreamland, but she can’t keep away from the big black door that leads to nightmares.

Little Audrey was Famous Studios’ replacement for Little Lulu; since she was a character created at the studio, they didn’t have to pay for the rights to the character. This one is mostly in the area of whimsicality rather than comedy. It’s okay, but I wish she’d have opened the black door of nightmares earlier in the cartoon so it would have more time for the scary stuff; as it is, it’s almost over by the time we reach that point. This one is passable, but it’s not one of the better cartoons from the series.


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