Quatermass (1979)

Quatermass (1979)
Article 5917 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-3-2021
Directed by Piers Haggard
Featuring John Mills, Simon MacCorkindale, Ralph Arliss
Country: UK
What it is: Apocalyptic Sci-Fi / Horror

Bernard Quatermass comes out of a hermit-like isolation to discover civilization has degenerated and large groups of young people have become members of a cult that believes they will be transplanted to a new planet if they gather at strategic sites on the planet. When a large group of them are destroyed at Ringstone Round, Quatermass tries to grasp the nature of the horror that threatens the Earth.

Generally, this extension of the Quatermass series is considered a bit of a disappointment by many, but though I do have a few problems with the story, I still find it satisfying nonetheless. Certainly, the nature of the horror is much vaster than the ones in the previous entries of the series, but that fits the pattern; in each of the series, the horror becomes bigger and more difficult to grasp. The story does have a few problems; it’s over-reliant on coincidences on occasion, and I’m not sure it succeeds in accomplishing all it sets out to do. I did remained entranced and entertained by the serial, though, and feel that it makes for a good ending to the Quatermass saga.


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