The Haunted Mouth (1974)

The Haunted Mouth (1974)
Article 5857 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-4-2020
Director unknown
Featuring the voice of Cesar Romero
Country: USA
What it is: Real-life dental horror

In a haunted house, an invisible figure known as B. Plaque plots to take over and destroy your mouth.

This short comes from the world of ephemeral film; it was produced by the American Dental Association to scare you into caring for your teeth. Our narrator is an invisible creature known as Bacterial Plaque who lives in your mouth, and is so cocky about his ultimate victory that he even gives you the instructions on how to defeat him because he knows you won’t do it. I have to admit this one is pretty amusing, and Cesar Romero seems to be having a lot of fun doing an imitation of Claude Rains. I just love covering off-the-trail obscurities like this.


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