The Haunted Cat (1951)

The Haunted Cat (1951)
Article 5856 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-4-2020
Directed by Eddie Donnelly
Featuring the voice of Tom Morrison
Country: USA
What it is: Terrytoons cartoon

When Little Roquefort the mouse plays dead after an attack from the cat, the latter grows to believe that he is responsible for the mouse’s death. Roquefort then torments the cat by playing on his guilt and fear.

Though they’re obviously faked, ghosts and supernatural events provide the fantastic content here. As for the cartoon itself, it’s from Terrytoons, and I’ve come to suspect that these cartoons are at their weakest when they come across as merely chintzy versions of cartoons from other studios. This one, for example, comes across as a cheap Tom-and-Jerry knockoff, and it never rises above that to find a voice all its own. All in all, this is another forgettable obscurity.


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