Georgie and the Dragon (1951)

Georgie and the Dragon (1951)
Article 5839 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 8-31-2020
Directed by Robert Cannon and John Hubley
Voice cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: Whimsical UPA cartoon

A lonely Scottish boy finds a tiny dragon and intends to ask his father if he can keep it as a pet. However, the tiny pet grows very swiftly…

UPA wasn’t quite able to compete with Looney Tunes in terms of comedy, but they do a fairly solid job on this whimsical cartoon. The humor grows out of the fact that despite the fact the dragon does all sorts of damage (to both the house and the father), the father never actually sees the dragon, no matter how big it gets. It’s all a set-up for the ending, which I won’t reveal here. It’s an amusing enough cartoon, but I do find that many of UPA’s cartoons don’t call me back in the way Warner Brothers’ cartoons do, despite the stylistic touches. However, they are truly superior to the cartoons Columbia put out before UPA came on board.


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