Gandy’s Dream Girl (1944)

Gandy’s Dream Girl (1944)
Article 5838 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 8-29-2020
Directed by Mannie Davis
Voice cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: Terrytoons Gandy Goose cartoon

Sourpuss sees a photograph of Gandy’s dream girl, and wants the goose to introduce him to her, but Gandy only encounters the girl in his dreams. So Sourpuss enters Gandy’s dream in a bid to meet the girl.

It seems like quite a few of these Gandy Goose cartoons slop over into fantastic content above and beyond the anthropomorphic animal thing; since this one involves characters entering other people’s dreams, it qualifies. I have to give Terrytoons credit here; that’s a fairly novel concept for a cartoon, and they beat Warner Brothers to the same idea by two years (THE BIG SNOOZE was from 1946). The novelty of the concept as well as a few creative decisions in how Gandy’s dream world manifests itself make this easily the best of the Gandy Goose cartoons I’ve seen so far. Gandy himself is a bit dull, but his cohort Sourpuss (who is really the main character here) is much more useful from a story perspective. This is definitely one of the better Terrytoons cartoons, but I do have trouble figuring out how Gandy managed to get a photograph of a girl he only meets in his dreams.


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