The First Snow (1947)

The First Snow (1947)
Article 5827 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 8-8-2029
Directed by Mannie Davis
Featuring the voice of Tom Morrison
Country: USA
What it is: Mighty mouse cartoon

Rabbits go out and have fun after the first snow of the season, but a fox sees them as his meal. Can Mighty Mouse save the day?

ohyippeemightymouseagain. He must have been Terrytoons’ most popular character; he shows up even when he’s not really needed. During the first half of the cartoon, the rabbits are having a fine old time defeating the fox, and even if it feels like it’s mostly lifting gags from Warner Brothers cartoons, at least is has gags. It’s only during the second half of the cartoon when the rabbits stop being resourceful and leave Mighty Mouse to finish off the fox. For the record, the first half is fun enough to get by; the second half is just more of the usual Mighty Mouse plot.


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