Fireman, Save My Child (1921)

Fireman, Save My Child (1921)
Article 5826 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 8-7-2020
Director unknown
No cast
Country: USA
What it is: Silhouette animation

Wherein a glimpse is given of how firemen operated in stone age days.

The silhouette animation here is provided by Herbert M. Dawley, who is mostly famous for having provided dinosaur animation for ALONG THE MOONBEAM TRAIL and THE GHOST OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN. Apparently, those weren’t his only dealings with dinosaurs, as this stone age story of firemen coming to the rescue of a trapped family features a few dinosaurs, as well as a mammoth. The animation is acceptable, but not nearly as inspired as Lotte Reiniger’s work is, but it works well enough for this light-hearted short. Most of the laughs are pretty weak, but this short little oddity has at least a certain amount of novelty value.


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