Escalofrio diabolico (1972)

Escalofrio diabolico (1972)
aka Diabolical Shudder
Article 5812 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 7-18-2020
Directed by George Martin
Featuring George Martin, Patty Shepard, Mariano Vidal Molina
Country: Spain
What it is: Unhealthy people with secrets in an old castle… you know the routine

Mysterious and unhealthy things go on in a sinister castle; there’s a cult and imprisoned people.

I just watched a copy of this movie that I had lying around for years, and of course, it’s in Spanish without English subtitles. As such, I can’t really give this movie a meaningful review (not knowing Spanish), but I also have to admit that I didn’t see anything happening that wasn’t really out of the ordinary for this sort of movie. You know the women are in peril and the men can’t be trusted and that the plot will mostly meander around until the climax when everyone shows their true colors. The first two-thirds is a lot of talk, so it’s not surprising that the only story arc you can follow is that of the mute man-servant, whose secrets are revealed visually. Maybe it will be a little better if I find a subtitled version, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a considerable improvement. At any rate, I can check this one off.


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