The Loch Ness Horror (1982)

Article 5103 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-9-2016
Directed by Larry Buchanan
Featuring Sandy Kenyon, Miki McKenzie, Barry Buchanan
Country: USA
What it is: Scottish beastie horror

In Scotland, Scots and non-Scots encounter that Scottish beastie Nessie who lives in the Scottish lake of Loch Ness in Scotland. Much Scottishness is displayed.

This is the most recent of Larry Buchanan’s movies I’ve viewed for this series, and I can say that it’s easily the most technically advanced of those that I’ve seen. But then, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a much bigger budget for this one than he had for the TV-Movies he made for AIP in the sixties; those were made for a pittance. No, the monster he concocts for this one isn’t really all that convincing (and he obviously couldn’t afford to make more than a neck and a head), but it still looks better than anything from those earlier movies. Not that the movie is good, mind you; the plot is a mess, the attack scenes are ludicrous, the movie is poorly paced, and much of the dialogue (of which there’s way too much) is laughable. He seems to expend most of his effort trying to pass off Lake Tahoe as Scotland, mostly by dint of his casting actors who show a willingness to attack the Scottish brogue with such aggressive abandon that the viewing audience is likely to suffer collateral damage from the shrapnel. I wouldn’t call it his best movie by a long shot, but I do have to admit it may be his most entertaining in terms of unintentional hilarity. And the scene where Nessie chews on a man’s head deserves some sort of award, possibly for the most ironic use of a PSYCHO musical motif.

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