Twirligig (1952)

Article 5047 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-12-2016
Directed by Norman McLaren
No cast
Country: Canada
What it is: Abstract animation

A little red squiggle mutates and gyrates in front of several planes of abstract figures.

Yes, it’s more abstract animation that gets considered for this project by dint of its being non-realistic. This one was also created in 3D, but I lack the necessary equipment to watch it in such. However, even in 2D, the planes of action seems fairly cleanly delineated, so I can rather sense how it might look. This one doesn’t appear to have been drawn to fit a piece of music; rather, it appears the music was composed to complement the visuals here. There’s a light-hearted and playful spirit to this one, with the squiggle even taking on enough anthropomorphic design to tip its hat to you. At only about three and a half minutes, it doesn’t strain your patience, either. This one was rather enjoyable.


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