Le Golem (1967)

LE GOLEM (1967)
aka The Golem
Article 5046 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-11-2016
Directed by Jean Kerchbron
Featuring Andre Reybaz, Georges Douking, Francois Vibert
Country: France
What it is: French TV-Movie

No plot outline.

My copy of this one is in French without subtitles. As such, it is impenetrable to me, and I was unable to find an adequate plot description. Nor does it seem to match any other version of “The Golem” that I’ve seen, so there’s no help there. The story seems to involve an exchange of hats, and a man who appears to have been framed for murder. The golem as such appears in two scenes; in one he may have been imagined, and in the other, he is someone in disguise. I can say this much. The movie is visually interesting, makes good use of sound and music, and is very well acted and looks intriguing. There are some striking moments, such as the scene where a man produces an egg from his mouth and another speaks with the voice of a woman, but how these tie into the story is a mystery to me. Chalk this one up as one of those movies that I’ll really have to see a subtitled version to appreciate it. It does strike me, though, as one worth catching.


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