Vous pigez? (1955)

VOUS PIGEZ? (1955)
aka The Diamond Machine
Article 5031 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-27-2015
Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Featuring Eddie Constantine, Maria Frau, Francoise Perrot
Country: France / Italy
What it is: Lemmy Caution movie

Lemmy Caution is on the trail of a kidnapped scientist who has developed a machine that can manufacture diamonds.

The only copy I’ve been able to find of this movie was in French without English subtitles, so any elaborate plot description or detailed critical evaluation would be beyond me. I can, however, say a few things. This was one of Eddie Contstantine’s many “Lemmy Caution” movies, and it appears to be a somewhat light-hearted spy movie. The fantastic content consists of a machine that manufactures diamonds, but the machine doesn’t appear until about the last ten minutes of the movie. Or, perhaps I should say, “a” machine appears, as it doesn’t really do what the movie says it should do, so it may be a decoy of sorts. Most of the movie seems to be concerned with spies good and bad trying to get their hands on the plans for the machine, so I can say this much; if the machine is real, it serves as little more than a Gizmo Maguffin in a spy story. I like Eddie Constantine, and the movie looks rather fun, but it also doesn’t look like anything special. The most interesting moment visually is when a party scene with dancing on a boat is juxtaposed with a fight scene taking place below the decks.

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