2069 A.D. (1969)

2069 A.D. (1969)
aka 2069 A.D. – A Sensation Odyssey
Article 5032 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-28-2015
Directed by Sam Kopetzky
Featuring Harvey Shain, Barbara Lynn, Sharon Matt
Country: USA
What it is: Compendium of human friction experiments

In the year 2319, a man guilty of violence is punished by being sent back into time to learn about love and violence in past ages in the hope it will cure him. He is given a time ring that will allow him to travel through the ages; it also has the power to remove extraneous clothing with the snap of a finger. He goes back in time and participates in human friction experiments.

Here’s another one that ended up on my “ones that got away” list but which I was finally able to see, though since the movie originally ran seventy-five minutes and the copy I saw ran only one hour, I’d say there’s some footage missing. The opening where the man is sentenced actually takes itself seriously enough that I found myself wondering if the movie was actually going to have something to say other than to be a string of human friction experiments (please note that this is a euphemism). Alas, when the ring inexplicably changes hands after the first experiment, it becomes clear that nothing beyond the obvious is going to be explored. After a while I found myself very annoyed at the scenes where people act confused when they’ve traveled through time instead of just going ahead and getting engaged in the next experiment.

Yes, I’ve groused before at having to watch sexploitation as part of my series (including 2069 – A SEX ODYSSEY, with which this movie shouldn’t be confused), and it’s not really because I’m prudish or above the pleasures of this type of movie. It’s more due to the fact that I rarely know how to evaluate them or what to write about them. About the only way I could think of rating them is by using the number of times it encourages the viewer to play the home version of the game, but who wants a tally of that? And, on a side note, the year of 2069 is never visited.

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