Supernatural (1983)

aka Sobrenatural
Article 4423 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-15-2014
Directed by Eugenio Martin
Featuring Cristina Galbo, Maximo Valverde, Ramon Lillo
Country: Spain
What it is: Ghost story

When a man is badly injured in a horrible auto accident, his estranged wife comes to see him, but he dies before she arrives. The woman discovers that her husband’s angry spirit is still around, and it is malevolent…

The movie does not open promisingly; with its corny narration, it comes across like one of those pseudo-documentaries of the seventies about UFOs, the afterlife, Once you get past that point, the movie settles into a bit of a deceptive groove; it almost comes across like a rather listless TV-movie at this point. It’s not until the ghost makes a startling attack on a housekeeper that you really sense that the ghost (and the movie) mean business. It’s an effective scene in that it serves as a good counterpoint to the low-key nature of the movie as a whole; it never seems as listless afterwards, and it keeps you on edge as the movie quietly and deliberately makes its way towards its climax. I ended up quite liking this movie; it’s something like a cross between THE UNINVITED and THE ENTITY. I found this one surprisingly effective.

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