La terrificante notte del demonio (1971)

aka The Devil’s Nightmare, La plus longue nuit du diable
Article 4422 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-14-2014
Directed by Jean Brismee
Featuring Erika Blanc, Jean Servais, Daniel Emilfork
Country: Belgium / Italy
What it is: Offbeat Eurohorror

A group of tourists are forced to spend the night at the castle of a Baron whose family lives under a curse; the daughters born into the family are succubi.

If there’s one thing I can say about this movie, it’s that it recognizes that the devil isn’t just after your life; it’s after your soul as well. And since the seven people staying at the castle represent the seven deadly sins, their demises happen when they’re deepest in the throes of whichever particular sin is their one of choice. It gives the movie an interesting vibe, which is a good thing, as it helps compensate for the occasionally lethargic pacing and the fact that it takes quite a while before things really start moving. It even manages to throw some surprising and interesting twists as the movie nears its end. Still, you have a lot of the usual Eurohorror setpieces, including the obligatory and unnecessary lesbian sex scene. It’s a mixed bag, but I do like that it does have a few surprises up its sleeve.

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