The Night Before Christmas (1933)

Article 4347 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-25-2013
Directed by Wilfred Jackson
Featuring the voice of Donald Novis
Country: USA
What it is: Christmas cartoon

While the children sleep, Santa comes down the chimney and sets out toys for the children.

It’s a Disney “Silly Symphony” from the thirties. It’s very well animated and packed with whimsy. The toys help Santa to decorate the tree, Santa fills up the stockings, the kids hear something and come to investigate, Santa escapes before they arrive… you know, when you get down to it, this is the kind of stuff I’d expect from an animated Christmas cartoon. So why am I somewhat disappointed? It’s because, for all the whimsy, there’s nothing that happens that is truly surprising or causes the cartoon to become something special. In short, as well done as it is, it’s not really inspired. It’s Disney on automatic, and I doubt I’ll remember much about it after I finish this review.


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