Nurse Sherri (1978)

Article 4346 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-24-2013
Directed by Al Adamson
Featuring Geoffrey Land, Jill Jacobson, Marilyn Joi
Country: USA
What it is: Sex and horror

When a cult leader dies on the operating table, his spirit takes possession of a nurse and seeks to destroy everyone involved with the operation.

The opening ten minutes of this movie deals with a diabetic cult member who was told by the leader that he no longer needed to take insulin if he just believed in the powers that the leader had. The cult member dies, and he cult leader is convinced that he can solve the problem by using the powers to bring the boy back to life. I found that a much more intriguing premise than the one that is the center of this movie; it turns out that the whole beginning is merely a set-up to get the leader to have a heart attack and wind up on the operating table, and it never returns to the earlier ideas. This is another Al Adamson movie, and if there’s one thing I can say about him, it’s that he has a discernible style; if it weren’t for the endless parade of softcore sex scenes to pad out the movie, it could fit in easily with his late sixties/early seventies output. As it is, the sex scenes may be the only thing that keep you awake, as the movie is lifeless and dull; the script is silly, and the acting is weak. You know, I can’t help but notice that ever since I moved from the silent shorts I was watching to the more recent movies, I’ve had the misfortune to encounter Jerry Warren, Larry Buchanan, Andy Milligan and Al Adamson all within one month. Maybe I should have stuck with the silent shorts….


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