Target for Killing (1966)

aka Das Geheimnis der gelben Monche
Article 3070 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-3-2009
Posting Date: 1-9-2009
Directed by Manfred R. Kohler
Featuring Stewart Granger, Karin Dor, Rupert Davies
Country: Italy / Austria / West Germany
What is is: More spyghetti

A secret agent becomes involved with a woman who is set to inherit a fortune… and is also the target of assassins.

I like this Eurospy outing a little more than yesterday’s, largely because I find Stewart Granger’s take on a Bondian superspy to be a real hoot. The story is a little unusual, as it’s less concerned with the evil spy organization’s other activities than it is with its single assassination attempt, which is, of course, a bid to get a hold of her imminent fortune. Still, many of the same elements are there, and this one has two elements that are similar to yesterday’s; the criminal organization works out of an abandoned monastery, and rats play into the storyline. The cast here also features Klaus Kinski in an interesting if abbreviated role as an unpredictable hit man, and Adolfo Celi as someone other than the primary villain. There’s some funny scenes here; I like the one in which Granger tries to cover up his job as a secret agent by telling the local police he’s a snake fancier, only to discover that the head of the police is actually one of them, and is then is forced to contend with a snake he’s been told is deadly poisonous. The fantastic content is less central to the plot, but it is there; the criminal organization uses a sort of telepathic hypnotism to bring its victims under control.


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