Shadow of Evil (1964)

aka Banco a Bangkok pour OSS 117
Article 3069 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-2-2009
Posting Date: 1-8-2009
Directed by Andre Hunebelle
Featuring Kerwin Mathews, Robert Hossein, Pier Angeli
Country: France / Italy
What it is: Spyghetti

A secret agent is sent to Thailand to investigate outbreaks of plague which are tied to the distribution of a certain type of inoculation.

This isn’t a particularly good example of the Spyghetti genre, but I find it does have a certain bare-bones charm about it. For once, the movie is crystal clear and easy to follow, largely because it avoids the distractions that can often overwhelm the plot in the usual James Bond vehicle. In some ways, the story here could be used as a template for this sort of movie; change a few details, add some spice and pizzazz, and you’d have your typical James Bond movie. As I mentioned before, it’s really not that good, though; some of the fight scenes in particular come off as weak. Still, it has its moments; my favorite involves the villain releasing hundreds of rats in a bid to make his getaway.


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