Aimez-vous les femmes (1964)

aka Do You Like Women?
Article 2732 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 10-29-2008
Posting Date: 2-4-2009
Directed by Jean Leon
Featuring Sophie Daumier, Guy Bedos, Gergoire Aslan
Country: France / Italy

A man discovers a dead body in the bathroom of a restaurant, but by the time he notifies the police, the body has vanished. He then finds himself the target of dart blowing assassins, and gets caught up in a battle between opium smugglers and cannibals.

This black comedy starts out well enough; the discovery and disappearance of the body, followed by the early assassination attempts on the man are quite amusing. However, it’s then that the fact that I’m watching an unsubtitled French language version of the movie causes me to lose my way, and I had to flesh out my plot summary above with info from “The Motion Picture Guide” (a source that is not necessarily dependable). The fantastic content is, of course, the cannibalism, and that becomes a fairly clear element in the latter part of the movie. The screenplay was written by Roman Polanski, which will go a long ways towards preparing you for some of the weirdness to come; in particular, a face-off between the hero and the cannibals comes off like something from a cheap samurai movie. It’s 4.9 rating on IMDB indicates that the movie really isn’t very good, but until I catch a version I can understand, I’ll withhold judgment; it does look rather amusing, though.


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