Il Mostro dell’opera (1964)

aka Monster of the Opera, Vampire of the Opera
Article 1864 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 4-22-2006
Posting Date: 9-19-2006
Directed by Renato Polselli
Featuring Marco Mariani, Giuseppe Addobbati, Barbara Howard

A vampire is loose in an opera house and the opera performers have to deal with him.

At least I assume that’s what’s happening here; once again, I am watching a foreign language movie without the benefit of subtitles or dubbing. Granted, I highly suspect that there’s really not a whole lot of difference between this one and Polselli’s earlier movie THE VAMPIRE AND THE BALLERINA . Once again, a vampire terrorizes a group of women who rehearse an opera which (like the ballet being rehearsed in THE VAMPIRE AND THE BALLERINA) looks more like the fever dream of an oversexed choreographer than anything else; the only real difference is that there are some men as well. The movie brims with style; it’s full of bizarre camera angles and weird touches (the vampire threatens people with a big pitchfork), but the overall effect is one of consummate silliness, and I suspect that knowing what the characters were saying would make it all that much dumber. Still, I suspect those who just love to see a vampire chase women who are running around in short nightgowns will find a use for this one.

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