Dr. Satan’s Robot (1966)

Feature version of the Serial THE MYSTERIOUS DR. SATAN
Article 1863 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 4-21-2006
Posting Date: 9-18-2006
Directed by John English and William Witney
Featuring Eduardo Ciannelli, Robert Wilcox, Ella Neal

A madman named Dr. Satan plans to take over the world, but he must reckon with a hero called the Copperhead.

Yep, it’s another feature version of a serial, and little better than most others of its ilk. The serial itself was one of the better ones out there, and if I have anything positive to say about this feature version, it is that it reminded me how enjoyable the serial was. Beyond that, though, there’s little reason to partake of this. The title is a bit of gyp; the robot doesn’t appear until late into the movie. I also couldn’t help but notice this time how variable the quality of the footage was from scene to scene; obviously, the serial episodes from which they culled this feature version were not all of equal quality.

Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll spend tomorrow watching a REAL movie.

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