Virgin Witch (1972)

Article #1625 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-26-2005
Posting Date: 1-23-2006
Directed by Ray Austin
Featuring Ann Michelle, Vicki Michelle, Keith Buckley

Two sisters run off to the big city. One gets hired by a modelling agency which is actually a front for a witch’s coven.

As stated above, the two sisters run off to the city, which requires they parade around in micro-mini-skirts. One sister applies for a modelling job, and naturally her interview requires that she strip naked for the lesbian head of the modelling agency. Both sisters go to a mansion for a photo shoot. This requires that the new model lounge around naked on the top of the car while the other one parades around in her micro-mini-skirt and be startled that creepy men leer at her. The model then is initiated into the witch’s coven, which requires that she strip naked and be rubbed with oils, and then everyone else strips naked for the orgy. It is at this point halfway through the movie that the truly inexplicable happens; the movie decides it has a plot, and the rest of the running time is largely devoted to the struggle of power between the new witch and the leader of the coven. It’s not really a great plot, but given the ubiquitous parade of female flesh that has passed for a movie up to this point, I was surprised that a story even existed. And the movie even somewhat abandons the constant parade of flesh to make way for the story, though not totally; after all, we have at least one more orgy before it’s all over with. As for me, I suppose something positive could be said about a movie that pulls itself up from the level of being a total waste of time to one that is only primarily a waste of time. Still, that’s hardly a recommendation, is it? For exploitation fans, or anyone who thinks that this movie sounds just like their cup of tea.


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