The Nurse’s Secret (1941)

Article #1235 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-1-2004
Posting Date: 12-29-2004
Directed by Noel M. Smith
Featuring Lee Patrick, Regis Toomey, Julie Bishop

A nurse agrees to help a police detective to uncover the secrets surrounding the accident / suicide / murder of a man.

I thought at first that it was merely a curious coincidence that I was watching another movie about a nurse right after viewing MISS PINKERTON. When the second scene in this movie opened with an old lady hurting herself after discovering a dead body, the coincidence just seemed somewhat sharper. Then when I discovered that the old lady’s last name was Mitchell, I became convinced that the resemblances between the two movies were more than coincidental, and sure enough, this movie is indeed a remake of MISS PINKERTON. As such, I found it less confusing than the earlier movie; there’s fewer scenes of people just standing around acting suspicious and more scenes of people talking to each other, so you get to know them and their motivations a lot better. The changes to the story also seem better; the old lady doesn’t merely faint; she falls backward down a staircase, which makes the need for the presence of a nurse that much stronger. The dog has also changed from a smallish one to a full-sized Great Dane, and he actually has a role to play in the plot in this one. I’m glad I saw this one, as it helps the story make more sense, but if I had to rewatch one of these, I’d probably go back to MISS PINKERTON, because I like the cast better. It’s just nice to have the details of the story worked out.


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