Miss Pinkerton (1932)

Article #1234 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-31-2004
Postind Date: 12-28-2004
Directed by Lloyd Bacon
Featuring Joan Blondell, George Brent, Ruth Hall

A nurse tired of her routine duties at the hospital is sent out on an assignment of caring for an old woman who fainted when she discovered the dead body of her nephew. She becomes involved in the investigation of the death.

Is the death the result of suicide? Or is it murder faked to look like suicide? Or is it a suicide faked to look like a murder that was faked to look like a suicide? (There’s insurance involved.) Or is it a murder faked to look like a suicide that was being faked to look like a murder being faked as a suicide? Believe it or not, the investigation actually starts digging this deep. Between that and the fact that practically everyone is acting fairly suspicious and also given that we are thrust into the proceedings without really being properly introduced to all the characters involved, you might understand why I found this particular mystery to be somewhat confusing. Still, it is entertaining in its own muddled way, and it does have a black-cloaked figure with a clutching hand to add some horror touches to the proceedings. The ending did leave me feeling vaguely dissatisfied, though. And just for fun, see if you can figure out what Mrs. Mitchell was planning to reveal in her final legal statement.

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