Psychomania (1964)

Article #472 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 6-30-2002
Posting date: 11-23-2002

An artist finds himself under suspicion of murder when a woman who was posing for him turns up dead.

This is essentially another one of the several variations on PSYCHO that came out in the wake of that movie; this one has definite low budget roots (it was produced by Del “Horror of Party Beach” Tenney). It’s not without interest; it actually pulls off the trick of having two men both being under suspicion for the murders while we in the audience know that both of them are innocent, though the juvenile delinquent character is unpleasant enough that you hope that he comes to a bad end. My copy has definite cuts during some of the violent sequences; I wonder if I have an incomplete print or whether the cuts had to be made to the original print. It gives us an obvious suspect, and the movie does leave you wondering whether the character is the real culprit or whether he is a smokescreen designed to hide the real culprit. Standard, but not badly done, and it held my interest for the most part.

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