Nightmare (1964)

Article #473 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 7-1-2002
Posting date: 11-24-2002

A teenage girl who witnessed the murder of her father by her mother is haunted by nightmares.

This Hammer horror-thriller has a solid and satisfying ending; in fact, it would have made an excellent episode of either “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” or “Thriller”. I think it would have also been the right length if it had been an episode of one of these two shows; as it is, I feel that both halfs of the movie drag a little too much from trying to fill out the running time. In fact, it’s a good thing the movie does fall into two distinct halves; there was a certain point during the first half of the movie where I feared that I was going to have to endure an endless succession of scenes of the teenage girl following people in hallways and then opening a door to something scary, and then screaming and waking from her dream. Not bad overall, but it does leave you many opportunities to raid the fridge.


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