Voodoo Island (1957)

Article #459 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 6-17-2002
Posting date: 11-10-2002

An expedition investigates the disappearance of several men on an island believed to be the source of voodoo practices.

This late-fifties Karloff horror vehicle saves most of its best moments for the last fifteen minutes of the movie, so if you’re going to wait for them, you should be prepared for an enormous amount of talk. This in itself wouldn’t be so bad; the script does take a real stab at giving us an interesting array of characters to work with, but the actual dialogue is at times painfully self-conscious; even Karloff seems a little lost at times with the clumsy lines he’s given. Reginald LeBorg’s pedestrian direction isn’t much help, either. However, the presence of Karloff (and Elisha Cook) does help quite a bit, as well as the fact that the story itself avoids being more than just a compendium of voodoo cliches, and the carnivorous plants are fun. This is just one of those movies that calls for a little patience.

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