Gold (1934)

GOLD (1934)
Article #460 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 6-18-2002
Posting date: 11-11-2002

I wish I could give more of a plot description, but beyond the fact that a process is discovered that changes lead into gold, I can’t really say much more of what the movie is about. The problem is that my print is in German, which is not my native language, and though the movie looks very interesting, much of the plot is dependant on dialogue, and I spent much of my time watching this was spent in the dark. I suspect the movie is very good, and even those who don’t understand German should be able to appreciate some great special effects and a high level of excitement that comes into play in the last third of the movie. Brigitte Helm is there in the mix, looking quite fetching, as well. Someday, I’ll have to sit down with someone who understands the language who can help me sort through the story, and then my commentary will be more useful.

Incidentally, some of the special effects footage from this movie was borrowed for the fifties science fiction movie, THE MAGNETIC MONSTER.

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