The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (1935)

Article #325 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 2-3-2002
Posting date: 6-20-2002

This movie provides a fictional solution to the mystery of the Marie Celeste, a ship that was found floating in the ocean with no one on board.

I have to admit I was quite curious about this movie, based as it was on a true-life maritime mystery. The solution isn’t really mysterious, and could offer a possible explanation as to what happened. It’s somewhat dull in parts, but what really catches my attention is a unique and very interesting role that was given to Bela Lugosi; I really wouldn’t have expected him in this role, and am quite impressed at the dimension and genuine feeling he gives his role. There was a longer version of the movie than the one I’ve seen, which concerns the details of a maritime trial that frames the movie, though this footage appears to be lost. By the way, this is an early Hammer film.

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