The Mad Monster (1942)

Article #324 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 2-2-2002
Posting date: 6-19-2002

A scientist experimenting with intra-species blood transfusions creates a werewolf-type monster that he uses to take revenge on those who mocked him.

Some of PRC’s poverty row horrors are quite creative if you take into account the lack of money or polish that went into them; this one, however, is just dull. Glenn Strange plays the monster, but he really doesn’t act much different when he’s the monster than he is when he’s not. This leaves George Zucco to carry the movie, and he gives it his best shot, but he doesn’t quite achieve that balance of “being mad while not seeming mad” that is necessary to make a movie like this work. I do like the inventive ways he finds to get his victims alone with the monster, though. I’d almost suggest that the movie needs some music to fill up the dead spaces (of which there are quite a few), but what music it does have is pretty weak, so I don’t think it would help much. Definitely one of the lesser of the poverty row horrors.

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