Murders in the Zoo (1933)

Article #253 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 11-24-2001
Posting date: 4-9-2002

An insanely jealous millionaire/hunter disposes of his rivals through the use of deaths having to do with zoo animals.

This is one nasty piece of work, with the opening scene in particular being rather sadistic. Still, it does have a great performance by Atwill; he’s never been so evil in his life, and the hateful gleam in his eye in some scenes is enough to chill your bones. Kathleen Burke (Lota, the panther woman from ISLAND OF LOST SOULS) and Randolph Scott are also on hand. The movie drags a bit in the middle, and Charles Ruggles’ timid comic relief press agent is given far too much screen time, but this is definitely one case where you’re not sure who is going to survive till the final reel.

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