Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1972)

Article #254 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 11-25-2001
Posting date: 4-10-2002

A troupe of actors try to raise the dead in a cemetery; when they think they failed, they take a corpse to a nearby house for a party. Unfortunately, they didn’t fail, and the dead come to life.

It’s fairly obvious to tell that this is a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD rip-off, and the payoff in this movie isn’t too bad; the scenes of the dead coming out of their graves are very good. However, to get to that, you have spend an hour with some of the most annoying characters you’ve ever endured, and…


…when the tentative hero and heroine are the first two to bite the dust, you pretty much know how it’s all going to end. Most of the actors have the same name as they characters they play; let’s hope they weren’t playing themselves. This was directed by Benjamin Clark a.k.a. Bob Clark, who would later give us a couple of really good movies and a whole slew of awful ones.

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