Ditto (1937)

Ditto (1937)
Article 6076 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 11-18-2022
Directed by Charles Lamont
Featuring Buster Keaton, Gloria Brewster, Barbara Brewster
Country: USA
What it is: Buster Keaton talkie short

An iceman falls in love with one of a pair of twins.

Classifying this one as a genre is a big stretch, but the final scenes of this one not only takes place fifteen years in the future, but it does feature some slight science fiction content; we see a flight of planes towing trailers after them. It’s merely the set-up for a joke that isn’t particularly satisfying, but this wasn’t during Keaton’s prime either. Still, there’s a gag or two that does work well enough to get a laugh, so I’m counting my blessings with this one. Otherwise, watching some of these forgettable shorts would be depressing when we think how brilliant he was during the silent era.


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