Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe (1990)

Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe (1990)
Article 6047 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-6-2022
Directed by Damian Lee
Featuring Jesse Ventura, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Damian Lee
Country: Canada
What it is: Cheap SF actioner

A child with the ability to calculate the anti-life equation is born on Earth due to the machinations of an inter-galactic criminal. When the criminal returns to Earth to find the child and get the equation, an intergalactic policeman is sent to prevent it….possibly by killing the child.

According to IMDB’s trivia section, Arnold Schwarzenegger was offered the title role in this movie but turned it down in favor of doing TERMINATOR 2, a movie that has similar plot details. If this is true, the decision was a no-brainer; there was no way this cheap little Canadian film was going to look as impressive on his resume. The tagline was “An adventure across time and space” and it is deceptive; almost all of the action takes place on Earth, and outside of a couple of scenes that take place a few years earlier, the action mostly seems to occur over a span of two to three days. It’s a cheaply made Canadian-made film starring a wrestler with a rating of 2.9 on IMDB with poor action sequences, but at least it has a bit of a sense of humor; the scene where the villain has to deal with his restaurant bill is the best moment in the movie. The movie sets itself up for a sequel in the final moments, but unsurprisingly, none emerged. Not a cinematic high point.

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