So Does an Automobile (1939)

So Does an Automobile (1939)
Article 6037 by Dave Sindelar
Directed by Dave Fleischer and Roland Crandall
Featuring the voice of Mae Questel
Country: USA
What it is: More anthropomorphic cars than you could shake a stick at

We visit Betty Boop’s Auto Hospital to find out how sick automobiles are tended to.

Most of the work of Dave and Max Fleischer could arguably fall into the world of the fantastic because they take place in what is clearly an alternate cartoon universe where practically any inanimate object can come to life. This one is packed to the gills with anthropomorphic cars, and even if the cartoon is only fitfully funny, it certainly satisfies in terms of weirdness. Betty is out of her usual costume here; she’s in a jumpsuit, sings a song, and mostly pops in to encourage sick cars to get better. The earlier Betty Boops are better, but I quite like this one, but I have a weak spot for those silly cartoon cars of the thirties.


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