Hector’s Hectic Life (1948)

Hector’s Hectic Life (1948)
Article 6029 by Dave Sindelar
Directed by Bill Tytla and George Germanetti
Featuring the voice of Mae Questel
Country: USA
What it is: Famous Studio cartoon

It’s Christmas Eve, but Princie (aka Hector) is in danger of being thrown out in the cold if he doesn’t behave himself, but his life is complicated when someone leaves three pups (who closely resemble him) at the doorstep.

The only element that really qualifies this one for a review is the appearance of tiny good-and-evil versions of Hector that tug on his conscience. Other than that, it’s pretty much the type of cartoon you’d expect; the puppies make a mess which Hector has to clean up before the owner discovers it and throws Hector out. Since the good/evil struggle only takes about twenty seconds of the cartoon and proves to be moot as the rest of the cartoon unfolds without Hector really having to make a decision, I passed this up for review before, but felt generous enough to give it one tonight. Still, it’s a rather mediocre cartoon.


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  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the review. I like Mae Questel, and am curious about any golden age cartoon, so I’ll watch it with your comments in mind. Sounds like another retread of where other cartoons have gone before such as Pluto, Marc Antony and Pussyfoot, and Betty Boop and the three kittens in “We Did it”, to name a few. Always appreciate learning about new cartoons and films from you.

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