The Astral Factor (1978)

The Astral Factor (1978)
Article 6023 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 11-6-2021
Directed by John Florea, Gene Fowler Jr., Arthur C. Pierce
Featuring Robert Foxworth, Stefanie Powers, Sue Lyon
Country: USA
What it is: Invisible man thriller

A serial killer escapes from prison when he figures out how to undergo astral projection, and starts a killing spree of killing women who remind him of his mother. Police investigate.

Though this movie pops up in several of my public domain movie sets, it’s the first time I got around to watching it. This one does attain a certain level of competence; the acting is solid, there’s a charm to some of the character touches, and it’s not an embarrassment. The main problem is that the script is only so-so at best, and the ending isn’t particularly engaging. Stefanie Powers steals the movie as the main cop’s ditzy wife; unfortunately, the script really doesn’t find a way to make her useful to the story. Apparently, this movie went to television after one week of theatrical release, and you can see why.



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