Two for the Zoo (1941)

Two for the Zoo (1941)
Date: 10-13-2021
Directed by Dave Fleischer and Shamus Culhane
Featuring the voice of Pinto Colvig
Country: USA
What it is: Gabby cartoon

Gabby takes over the delivery of an animal known as a rubberneck kango to the zoo. He is unaware that there are actually two of them; a full-sized adult and her baby.

This cartoon gets by on fantastic content thanks to the existence of the strange anima; it’ something like kangaroo with an elephant’s trunk. But when you consider some of the outrageous creations the Fleischers gave us over the years, this one is a disappointment. But then, I’ve never been a fan of Gabby; he’s more irritating than funny, and his cartoons are fairly mediocre. You’re probably better off with the studio’s other stars at the time, Popeye and Superman.


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