Spring Song (1949)

Spring Song (1949)
Article 6013 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-2-2021
Directed by Izzy Sparber and Myron Waldman
Featuring the voices of Jack Mercer and Mae Questel
Country: USA
What it is: Another opportunity to follow the bouncing ball

Spring is here! The sun wakes up, the woodland nymphs play their flutes, and we all get a chance to sing along.

I’ve covered several of Famous studio’s Screen Songs before. If this one varies the formula at all, it’s that instead of opening with a series of blackout gags on its subject, it goes for a series of spring-inspired whimsy. It’s like a shortened version of the Pastoral Symphony sequence from FANTASIA, but that was the dullest section of that work, and this one is little better. There’s quite a few fantasy elements to win its inclusion here, but this is one of the weakest of the series.


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