A Short Vision (1956)

A Short Vision (1956)
Article 5992 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 7-12-2021
Directed by Joan Foldes and Peter Foldes
Featuring the voice of James McKechnie
Country: UK
What it is: Succinct apocalypse

A vision is seen in the night skies over with. Those who see it share the same fate as those who don’t.

Here’s a worthy effort of British experimental animation. As anybody who has seen a theatrical cartoon can attest, the fact that you only run about six minutes doesn’t mean that not a lot can happen. In that short a time, the world can end, as it does here. And I think the point being made here is that it ends not just for a few certain souls, but for all. The prey, the predator, the awake, the asleep… none are spared. No, this isn’t a cheery cartoon, nor is it funny. Still, it is a bit too short to work up to a real emotional kick. Nevertheless, it’s a worthy effort.


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