Shaolin Brothers (1977)

Shaolin Brothers (1977)
aka Shao Lin xiong di
Article 5988 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 7-5-2021
Directed by Joseph Kuo
Featuring Carter Wong, Chun-Erh Lung, Pao-Shan Chang
Country: Hong Kong
What it is: Your cinematic source for viewing aggressive rounds of patty-cake.

There are these Shaolin brothers and they are caught up confusing political allegiances and deal with it by-playing full-touch charades.

For the record, I made that up; this movie was so confusing I found very little in the way of plot threads to help me. I’m not even sure whether there are any Shaolin brothers in the story, as I’ve come to distrust the American titles for any of these martial arts movies. However, I can attest that it does have hopping zombies; in fact a good portion of the middle of the movie is all about a magician transporting a group of hopping zombies to another place. The movie prepares you for this with a prelude to the action that talks about the nature of these hopping zombies. The movie does dredge up a certain amount of mood from these scenes, though much of it is played for laughs. Those who like lots of action and use expository scenes as an excuse to raid the fridge may like it best if they stock up before the movie starts. The best part for me was the hopping zombie sequence; at least I had a little idea of what was going on in it.


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